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coaxial horn monitor


Acoustic Design

frequency bands are perfectly summed both in phase and frequency on and off-axis

Square Two is a powered 2-way professional studio monitor

Special feature of it is a proprietary coaxial horn construction,

everything in Square Two is about its horn design and "linear

phase" crossover alignment by using IIR instead of FIR filtering

Shape of our coaxial horn was carefully designed to match high

frequency compression driver horn response together with four

low frequency woofers so that after crossover processing

also converted to sealed box. Bass-reflex will provide more SPL

Enclosure design of Square Two is bass-reflex and it can be

but with more group delay while sealed box will have less

group delay but also less SPL

Polar response
(vertical and horizontal the same due to coaxial design)



Polar response low frequency woofers only

Polar response high frequency horn only

Loudspeaker Drivers

range, therefore it was possible to

Highest quality loudspeaker drivers are provided 

for Square Two monitors from finest Italian

Woofers are 5" with linear excursion of 6mm

with moving mass of just 8 grams. Compression

companies Eighteensound and FaitalPro

driver employed in Square Two is able to

perform perfectly in wide frequency

with using just two frequency bands.

design powerful, compact construction


Step response




Square Two features DSP and

amplifiers from Hypex Ncore

High frequencies are powered

with 100W and low frequencies

with 250W class D amplifiers

Both digital and analog  inputs

are available to chose from,

universal mains is provided to

use monitors in any country


Contact us

Any information requests,

ordering and other questions

please send to our email



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